VA - 5 Years Of Claremont 56, Compiled Edited & Mixed By The Idjut Boys (2012) 3CD

VA - 5 Years Of Claremont 56, Compiled Edited & Mixed By The Idjut Boys (2012) 3CD

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: 5 Years Of Claremont 56, Compiled Edited & Mixed By The Idjut Boys
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Claremont 56
Genre: Electronic / House / Disco
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Time: 206:09 min
Total Size: 471 MB


CD 1
01.Bison - Way To La (Day)
02.Fist Of Facts - Fugitive Vesco (Idjut Work Out)
03.Mudd & Pollard - Vincent
04.Mudd & Ahmed Fakroun - Drago (Idjut Edit)
05.Smith & Mudd - Le Suivant
06.Smith & Mudd - Hvala (Version Idjut)
07.Mudd & Pollard - Scaffold
08.Smith & Mudd - Shulme
09.The Popes - Bastards (Idjut Edit)
10.Bison - Mandy (Power Boy Mix)
11.Holger Czukay & U-She - La Premiere / Deux (Mudd’s Garden Mix)
12.Almunia - Dos Estrellas
13.Four Hands - Hizou

CD 2
01.Smith & Mudd - The Surveyor
02.Bison - The Traveler
03.Almunia - L&G Psychedelic (Wes Coats Holy Sashito Dub – Idjut Edit)
04.Dog Eat Dog - Rollover
05.Almunia - Travel (Felix Dickinson’s Passport Control Mix)
06.Mudd & Pollard - Dub Stavros
07.Smith & Mudd - 24/7
08.Smith & Mudd - Wem (Idjut Edit)
09.Holger Czukay - Music Is A Miracle
10.Torn Sail - Birds (Frankie Valentine’s -air Sign Mix)

CD 3 (Mixed Live By The Idjut Boys)
01.Holger Czukay - Music Is A Miracle
02.Smith & Mudd - Enos
03.Smith & Mudd - The Surveyor
04.Smith & Mudd - Wem (Idjut Edit)
05.Mudd & Pollard - Vincent
06.Mudd & Pollard - Scaffold (Coyote Mix)
07.Mudd & Pollard - Dub Stavros
08.Almunia - Travel (felix Dickinson’s Passport Control Mix)
09.Bison - The TRaveler
10.Almunia - L&G Psychedelic (Wes Coats Holy Sashito Dub – Idjut Edit)
11.Fist Of Facts - Fugitive VEsco (Idjut Work Out)
12.Dog Eat Dog - Rollover
13.Holger Czukay - Good Morning Story
14.Holger Czukay & U-She La Premiere/deux (Mudd’s GarDen Mix)
15.Almunia - Dos Estrellas
16.Torn Sail - Birds (Frankie Valentine’s Air Sign Mix)

Claremont 56 celebrate five years of existence by bringing out this super-deluxe and super-limited triple CD compilation, with the first two CDs containing 24 tracks as picked by the Idjut Boys (originally the release was set to be a single CD, but the Idjuts decided there were too many goodies that would be left out, so persuaded Paul to stretch to a double). CD three contains a live mix of the Claremont 56 best of the best by the Idjut Boys, complete with efx and colouration - just like one of their live DJ sets.
Set up by Paul 'Mudd' Murphy in 2007 Claremont 56 has always favoured quality over quantity, with Murphy only ever putting out music he thought was deserving of release, rather than trying to 'build a label profile' or 'sticking to a release schedule' (or other such traps that labels generally fall into). With a definite 'Balearic' slant, the label has put out a succession of dreamy, mellow and lush 12" singles. Mostly created by Mudd along with pals Smith and Pollard, but also featuring Almunia, The Popes, Bison, Torn Sail and Fist Of Facts, a large dose of oldies from Can's Holger Czukay, and even scratchy post-punk from Dog Eat Dog. Add to that a series of sought-after compilation CDs selected by Murphy's DJ / collector compadres, plus attention to detail in sleeve and label design, and I reckon we have a label to treasure.


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